About us


TETA electric company, founded in 2012, is a provider and manufacture of industrial automation equipment. Our company has a variety of products such as: Variable frequency drive(inverter), PLC, HMI, Proximity sensors and etc.
We have been focused on high-quality, high-functionality and compact design in Variable frequency drives market, thus created our own brand “TETA”. Here and now, we enjoy the great popularity in the industry.
 Our experts have broad hands-on experience in designing, repairing, installing and setting up industrial automation equipment, and now we are proud to introduce customers some of our best productions TETA “MA510”, “MA610”, and “MA710” variable frequency drives (VFD)”, from 0.5~175HP. 

Company Profile:
Our products have their grasp on overseas market also and have a very good repute. These products are receiving a great positive feedback in the market.
In near future we are going to add some new models of inverter to our production. In addition, we have plan to produce some other productions like HMIs, PLCs and SERVO drives which will lead to an outstanding sales growth totally.