• I want to purchase your products, who can I contact?
    Please contact our nearest branch office or distributors, for phone number and email address, please check "CONTACT", thank you!
  • I am interesting in TETA product, where can I get more details?
    Please go to "Products" webpage , Teta provides Technical Manual and Catalog download for each products, or you can email to info@tetaelectric.com for further help.
  • Can you provide me technical service and support?
    We have branch companies in Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, for more contact information, please check "Contact".
  • I need drives for my equipment/ facility, can I get any information about application?
    Please refer to our "Products "webpage, we've sorted applications according to different characteristics and suggest the suitable inverter type and power range.
  • What about the warranty?
    We provide 18 months warranty since manufacture, but free repair service free will be limited to normal use only. Any damage caused by misuse of users shall not be covered by the warranty hereof.