Motor Auto-Tuning in MA510 series
Category: Application - Date: Thursday, November 5, 2015

First, change your control mode to vector mode by setting P0.00=1, then enter the motor nameplate specifications in the below parameters:
P2.01 --------->motor rated power
P2.02 ---------> motor rated frequency
P2.03 ---------> motor rated speed
P2.04 ---------> motor rated voltage
P2.05 ---------> motor rated current
Then set P0.16=1, if you want to have rotational auto-tuning, otherwise to have a static auto-tuning process set P0.16=2.
Press the run button of the inverter.
You can see the word "tune" on the screen, and after a while, you can see "End" word on the keypad that means your motor is tuned.

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